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fenwick harriet edlins wagesI.A.2.c.pdf
This account records payment of wages for the hire of a woman named Hariot (or possibly Harriet) Edelin from Margaret Fenwick from 1824-1826 to work at the wash house.

fenwick, michaels hire I.A.2.c.pdf
Margaret Fenwick's account with the college includes the hire of a man named Michael in 1821 for $60. The hire of Michael, along with rents for 1821 and 1822, appear to have offset her bills, including expenses for her son George.

Jo servt of Mary Fenwick.pdf
Jo, likely Joseph Edlen, was hired by Georgetown College from Mary Fenwick from December 1845 to November 1846. He was hired to work on the farm at the rate of $8 per month. An entry from the college Day and Cash Book from January 16, 1846 records a…

Whiskey for Servants.pdf
The following entry in the Day Book of Georgetown College records a payment of $10.85 for "whiskey for servants" made in June 1846. Another similar payment was made in this book in August of the same year.

Ben Branson Horatio Reid 1841.pdf
This 1841 ledger entry shows the hire of Ben Branson who is described as a "servant of Horatio Reid." Reid was paid $10 a month for the hire of Branson.

1823 Hired Mat.pdf
This entry from Georgetown College's financial records for April 7, 1823 indicates the terms for the hire of Mat from Georgetown College to a Mr. Lunthicon [probably Linthicom] for $60 a year and "clothen."

Mat and Dick .pdf
This ledger page records the purchase of cloth and the "making & trimming" of various items of clothing for two men enslaved on campus. These records are undated, but likely from 1822.

Charles Taylor Marriage 1836.pdf
The marriage of Charles Taylor, a man enslaved at Georgetown College, to Mary Ann Boarman, a free woman of color, took place on September 22, 1836 at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. Taylor appears to have been sold to the college by the Jenkins…

Dick last rites.pdf
These two documents from 1829 relate to the death of Dick, a man enslaved on Georgetown's campus. On September 11, 1829 an entry in the campus' daily House Diary records that Father Van Lommel administered the Last Sacraments of the Church to Dick.…

1854_Fr Curleys map.pdf
This map was created by Father James Curley, S.J. circa 1854. Father Curley was a Professor of Physics, Mathematics, and Botany at Georgetown and was instrumental in the building of the campus Observatory. This map does not show a separate quarters…
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