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An account book from St. Inigoes for the early 19th century includes this record of the distribution of shoes to the slave community in March, 1818. This remarkable record indicates the name and shoe size for each person who received shoes -…

After hiring Charles from Rev. Sewall in 1786, Rev. Leonard Neale bought him in 1788 for 130£. At the time Neale was Manager of St. Thomas' Manor and Sewall the pastor of St. Ignatius at Chapel Point.

On September 8th, 1790, the Jesuits at Bohemia plantation payed Dr. Jones 7£ for removing a cyst from Stephen's forehead.

On July 15, 1791, the Jesuits at Bohemia plantation received more than 22£ from D. Hairs and William Nielson in partial payment for Esther.

In 1790, the Jesuits sold Nell and her son Perry from the Bohemia plantation, They were purchased by Perry Greenwood for 4 dollars.

In 1791, Kate, Jonathan, and Bob were sold from the Bohemia plantation to John Carty for 40£. The Jesuits received in payment a horse and money for the estate.

In 1816 the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen sold Regis for 323 dollars. After 12 years of service Regis would be "free, manumitted and discharged." Sales for a term of years were an early nineteenth-century practice of the Jesuits.

In 1818 the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen declared null and void the sale of Catherine Venus. She had been previously sold by Fr. John McElroy

In a meeting from 1830, the board of the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen approved the sale of Maria's three children from St. Joseph's on the Eastern Shore.

In 1809, the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen resolved to apprehend Tom, a runaway slave from the White Marsh plantation.
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