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GSA1Articles of agreement between Thomas F. Mulledy, of Georgetown, District of Columbia, of one part, and Jesse Beatty and Henry Johnson, of the State of Louisiana, of the other part. 19th June 1838

GSA2Manifest of the Katherine Jackson, 1838

GSA3Letter from James Van de Velde, S.J. to Thomas Mulledy, S.J., March 28, 1848

GSA4: What We Know Booklet, 2015

GSA5: List of slaves sold by Thomas Mulledy in 1838

GSA6: Bill of sale from the heirs of Jesse Batey to Washington Barrow, January 18, 1853

GSA7: A slave's marriage at Georgetown, 1795

GSA8: Bill of sale for 56 slaves from Thomas Mulledy to Henry Johnson, 1838

GSA9: Bill of sale for 64 slaves from Thomas Mulledy to Jesse Batey, 1838

GSA10: Bill of sale for 84 slaves from Thomas Mulledy to Henry Johnson, 1838

GSA11: Bill of sale for land and slaves from Washington Barrow to William Patrick and Joseph B. Woolfolk, February 4, 1856

GSA12: Bill of sale for land and slaves from William Patrick and Joseph Woolfolk to Emily Sparks, widow of Austin Woolfolk, July 16, 1859

GSA13: Report of Income &c. of Farms of St. Thomas Manor, 1833, By McSherry

GSA14: Report of Income &c Newtown 1833+7 By McSherry

GSA15: Report on St. Inigos 1833-7 By McSherry

GSA16: Cassimir, from John McElroy Journal, July 18, 1813

GSA17: The number of our family, from John McElroy Journal, November 30, 1813

GSA18: Feast of St. Xavier, from John McElroy Journal, December 3, 1813

GSA19: Total number of persons, 1814, from John McElroy Journal, January 1, 1814

GSA20: Isaac runs away, but is captured and sold, from John McElroy Journal, January 29-30, 1814

GSA21: A "negro woman" left at the College, from John McElroy Journal, July 5, 1814

GSA22: The number of persons at the College, from John McElroy Journal, Dec. 31, 1814

GSA23: Death and burial of Billy the Blacksmith, August 1817

GSA24: Davy threatened with sale, 1818

GSA25: Mass at Trinity Church, March 1818

GSA26: Claims to freedom, 1819

GSA27: School for Colored Persons, 1819

GSA28: William Gaston entrusts a slave named Augustus to Fr. Joseph Carberry, 1824

GSA29: Priscilla Queen petitions for her freedom, 1810

GSA30: Edward Queen petitions for his freedom, 1791

GSA31: Proceedings of the General Chapter at White Marsh, May 1789

GSA32: Fanny & her family, 1815

GSA33: Georgetown campus map, ca. 1905, showing cemetery and "servants' house."

GSA34: Letter from Thomas Brown, a slave at St. Louis University, 1833

GSA35: Georgetown College Financial Statement, 1841

GSA36: The Liberia option, 1834

GSA37Advertisement for Barrow & Armstrong Succession Sale, Southern Sentinel, February 23, 1856

GSA38: Slaves born at Newtown, 1806-1835

GSA39: Slave births at Port Tobacco, 1750s-1770s

GSA40"272 Slaves Were Sold to Save Georgetown. What Does It Owe Their Descendants?" New York Times, April 16, 2016

GSA41: "'A Million Questions’ From Descendants of Slaves Sold to Aid Georgetown." New York Times, May 20, 2016

GSA42Profile of Maxine Crump, descendant of one of the Georgetown slaves," The Hoya, April 29, 2016

GSA43: Profile of Patricia Bayonne-Johnson, descendant of one of the Georgetown slaves," The Hoya, April 29, 2016

GSA44: Patricia Bayonne-Johnson, "Jesuits' Slaves in the Family"

GSA45: Runaway ad for Isaac, 1814

GSA46: Marriage register for Southern Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and Delaware, 1760-1802 (transcription).

GSA47: Rev. Joseph Mosley's record of baptisms in St. Joseph's and St. Mary's County, 1760-1799 (transcription)

GSA48: White Marsh, Register of Baptisms, 1818-1822 (transcription)

GSA49Baptisms in St. Mary's County, Md. 1766-1794, recorded by Rev. James Walton SJ (transcription)

GSA50Map of Maryland Jesuit Stations, 17th-19th centuries

GSA51: "Louisiana families dig into their history, find they are descendants of slaves sold by Georgetown University." The Advocate, June 19, 2016

GSA52"I know that my Bennett ancestors were slaves to the Jesuits...": Interviews with descendants in Maryland from Louis Diggs' Surviving in America

GSA53: White Marsh memorandum, 1764

GSA54: Fr. Neale's register, St. Thomas, 1827-1832

GSA55Henry Johnson renegotiates the terms of sale, February 17, 1844

GSA56List of slaves remaining on Estate and exchanged, no date - perhaps 1839

GSA57: Fr. Peter Kenney, SJ.'s observations on the slaves at Bohemia, 1831

GSA58"We are in the dark as long as we keep slaves": Fr. Joseph Mobberly SJ calculates the cost savings from emancipation, February 5, 1815

GSA59: "I shall be obliged to sell our man not to separate man & wife" - A Jesuit priest tries to keep a family together, 1826

GSA60West Oak and Chatham plantations, from P.A. Champomier, Statement of the Sugar Crop Made in Louisiana in 1860-1861...

GSA61Chatham plantation, from Norman's chart of the lower Mississippi River (1858)

GSA62: The College hires Sukey, 1792-1797

GSA63: Census of slaves to be sold in 1838

GSA64: The Maryland Missions in 1765

GSA65: Henry Johnson slave sales, 1844-1851

GSA66Slaves at St. Joseph mission, Talbot County, Md., in 1765

GSA67: President of Georgetown College Rev. Leonard Neale buys a slave named Wat, 1802

GSA68Georgetown College Financial Statement, 1839

GSA69Louise Mason and her children: the last slaves of the Maryland Jesuits

GSA70: St. Inigoes tax assessment, 1831

GSA71: St. Inigoes tax assessment, 1821

GSA72: Baptism of Sylvester, 1819

GSA73Agreement with Freedmen of Chatham Plantation in Ascension Parish, La., February 2, 1865

GSA74Final Pay Roll, Chatham Plantation, Ascension Parish, La., December 31, 1865

GSA75Mrs. Emily Woolfolk contract with employees at West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish, La., April 12, 1864

GSA76Agreement with Freedmen on West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish, La., April 3, 1865

GSA77Payroll of Laborers Employed at West Oak plantation, Iberville Parish, La., October 17, 1867

GSA78Philodemic Society Debate, 1830 or 1831

GSA79: Undated bill of sale for 11 slaves from Mulledy to Johnson [ca. 1839]

GSA80: Proslavery oration by Rev. James Ryder, SJ, August 30, 1835

GSA81: Frank Campbell photograph, ca. 1900

GSA82Letter from James Van de Velde, S.J. to Ignatius Brocard, S.J., November 27, 1848

GSA83: Louisa Mason obituary, 1909

GSA84: Cornelius Hawkins court testimony, ca. 1892

GSA85: Stained glass window, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Maringouin, La., 2017

GSA86Fr. Roothaan, S.J. lays out the conditions for the sale of slaves, 27 December 1836

GSA87: "Is it expedient to sell these 300 slaves?": The Dubuisson Memorandum, 1836

GSA88"A cruel overseer": Letter from Fr. Grivel to Fr. Lancaster, May 30, 1840